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County closes damaged roads, but just to cyclists (again)

It could just be wishful thinking, but it looks like Boulder County’s transportation decider—or perhaps someone who writes the words for him—has modified his internal-combustion bias ever so slightly.

He was quoted as follows in a Longmont Times-Call story about why the damaged canyon roads are closed to cyclists:

While these conditions are experienced by both motorists and bicyclists, bicyclists…

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Fact: Cycling Makes You Happier

…there’s nothing like cycling to chase the blues away

via Fact: Cycling Makes You Happier | Bicycle Movies Online Store.

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A Thanksgiving question: What are these?

A Thanksgiving question… What are these things?

What are family, friends, love, health, smiles…

…sunshine, starry nights, laughter…la différence

…coffee beans, winding roads, snowy peaks, music…

…imagination, forgiveness, presence, salvation?

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What’s the penalty for killing a cyclist?

I hate the headline on the piece from which this is quoted, so I’m not using it here. When you see it below, you’ll see that the obvious answer is no.

What’s the penalty? Too often, there is none.

What follows here is the best advice I’ve seen on the…

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There’s Another Way | Road Rights |

“I didn’t see the cyclist” is the negligent driver’s universal get-out-of-jail free card. It shouldn’t be.

via Theres Another Way | Road Rights |

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