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On accidents and executions

On accidents and executions

Accident warning

Accident warning (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

When is an accident a criminal act? When is an execution really brutal murder?

Two shootings that Meredith Carroll mentions in the Denver Post on Sunday were, indeed, accidental by some definitions.

A police officer accidentally shot his teen daughter in their garage; a woman in Florida accidentally shot her 7-year-old grandson. They were unfortunate…

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"Cleansing" a term that masks brutal reality

Purge “cleansing” when describing evil

A Denver Post editorial ran under this headline the other day:

The latest religious cleansing in the Mideast

Feel free to click that to read the Post’s opinion. I agree with it, but it prompted this response from The Smith Compound in the form of a letter to the editor:

We should purge the euphemism “cleansing” from our collective vocabulary when what we really mean is persecution, extortion,…

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Friday night lights
Petition: Treat the children as refugees

Consider this, if you think of children being detained at our southern border as young refugees rather than criminals: Petition.

Here’s my take, from last week:

Are the children refugees or illegal immigrants?

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Supermoons right on “schedule”

Supermoons right on “schedule”

A SuperMoon is a perigee-syzygy, a new or full...

The sight of a rather large moon over the Flatirons this morning reminded me of a Sunday evening news report about the supermoon on Saturday night.

Two more are “scheduled,” the news reader said, one in August and another in September, leaving me wondering who is in charge of supermoon scheduling.

We should have them more often.

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