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Deceased doctors autopsy wrestling icon

Deceased doctors autopsy wrestling icon #editing

A week after collapsing in a parking lot and dying, doctors have determined the cause of death for World Wrestling Entertainment icon Ultimate Warrior.

via Ultimate Warrior cause of death revealed |

It says the UW died of natural causes, but what the hell killed those doctors who collapsed in the parking lot a week before they did the autopsy?

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Pseudo-profundity’s greatest enemy is clarity.
Huckabee proves he doesn’t understand freedom…

Huckabee proves he doesn’t understand freedom

…while speaking at the Freedom Summit.

More freedom in North Korea than the United States?

There is hyperbole, and then there is just plain stupid.

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Oligarchy: Our destiny or just a ditch in Colorado?

Oligarchy isn’t just an interesting name for a Colorado irrigation ditch and greenway.

According to this piece by Robert Reich, we are slouching toward oligarchy, and he doesn’t mean we’re going to get our feet wet.


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County closes damaged roads, but just to cyclists (again)

It could just be wishful thinking, but it looks like Boulder County’s transportation decider—or perhaps someone who writes the words for him—has modified his internal-combustion bias ever so slightly.

He was quoted as follows in a Longmont Times-Call story about why the damaged canyon roads are closed to cyclists:

While these conditions are experienced by both motorists and bicyclists, bicyclists…

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